After 50 years of implementation by Colombia´s Finance Minister, Mr. Joaquin Vallejo, the official export incentivation tool known as "Plan Vallejo" is still useful. Since December 2015, the Ministry of International Trade, Industry & Tourism (MINCIT), has the task to leverage the instruments to facilitate exports so they can reach the government objectives.

You can find in APROX, your strategic allied to apply and control an Import / Export Special System to leverage your exports. Here are the different Systems available:

  • Raw materials & supplies.
  • Capital Goods & parts.
  • Services Exports.



Find in APROX

  • APROX 5.0, a highly developed web tool constantly updated with drwaback systems regulations.
  • Professional team highky qualified to offer you permanent advice & guidance on your programs.
  • Trust & credibility from our customers, users and enforcement authorities.
  • Optimize benefits of the program managing efficiently your inventory & documents.
  • Increase of efficiency & rentability with oursourcing of your drawback system.
  • Operational audit, previous to present your compliance report to Ministry of Commerce.
  • Easy migration of your information to our online software.
  • Customs and legal back-up by one of Colombia´s top custom brokers.
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