Audits / Trainings

Gama has a Customs Compliance Technical Department & Customs Legal Department, who work together to serve you. We provide tailored audits, training & advisory for our customers in import, export and different type of international trade & customs operations. Most common type of customers that could need our services are:


  • - Usuario Aduanero Permanente (Large Volume Importer)
  • - Altex (Large Volume Exporter)
  • - Depósitos habilitados (Bonded Warehouses)
  • - Usuarios de Plan vallejo (Drawback Systems)



File and Document administration

An import or export process implies a set of support documentation, plus the Import or Export Customs Declarations, which are mandatory to keep for importers & exporters. Our Filing Department scans and saves digitally 100% of your import/export documentation using , filing sotware. You will have web Access 24/7 to all your archived files, no matter how old are them. You will sent a file periodically with all files and documents in a time range of your preference so you can save it in your system. Tell us what are your documentation and filing needs, we will cater them.

In House Service

When a customer needs an inhouse custom broker service due to its operation complexity or volumen, at Gama we have more than 20 years of experience providing this service. Our HR Department has a permanent follow-up of our inhouse personell, identifying & satisfying their needs to fullfill our customer needs. An inhouse service could provide a better integration with our customer import/export or logistics team, better identification of customer needs. Having a handy service provider is very valuable and makes good teamwork.

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