HTS Code Classification

We have a Technical Department with a team of dedicated experts exclusively for HTS Code classification. This is probably the most critical responsibility in an import process in Colombia. Each product must comply with specific regulations. Once classified and an HTS Code asigned, you will know all regulations you need to observe precisely. As well you will be able to request your vendor overseas, all documentation and information needed from him. Not observing this process with anticipation, is the greatest source of problems and extra-costs tipically made by Colombian importers.

In an HTS Code classification depending on the product, you will identify:

  • Duty & VAT tax rates.
  • Technical requirements from governmental agencies & others  ( Food, agricultural, drugs, etc.)
  • Minimum official description to be reported in import entry.
  • Sanitary & phitosanitary requirements.
  • Origin requirements to qualify for a FTA.

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